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[AUDIO] Cold Shower Tuesdays (and the Little Things Like That)

Fandom: Johnny's Entertainment
Author: ionnesaysrawr
Text Link: Cold Shower Tuesdays (and the Little Things Like That)
Characters/Pairings: Taguchi Junnosuke/Ueda Tatsuya
Rating: E
Length: 7 mins. 32 secs.
Warnings: barebacking, idek where the lube went let's just assume it's there somewhere, nosebleeding
Author Summary: Shower!sex because Taguchi and Ueda have one too many shower tales to tell.
Disclaimer: I am not nor have ever been affiliated with Johnny's Entertainment. The characters and situations herein do not depict any sort of reality, and no harm has been intended in the creation of this piece. This work is purely fictional and done strictly for entertainment purposes. No profit is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.
Notes: Done for Johnny's Entertainment International Porning Day 2011.

Download: DivShare | MediaFire

Tags: activity: international porning day, fandom: je, pairing: taguchi/ueda, rating: e, type: audiofic
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