like a disco (ravyn_ashling) wrote in curtain_green,
like a disco

[ART] Clintasha Lovechild

Fandom: The Avengers, Brave
Pairing/Characters: Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff, Princess Merida
Rating: G
Warnings: Crack?
Disclaimer: The Avengers and all its characters belong to Marvel Worldwide, Inc., while Brave and Merida belong to The Walt Disney Company and Pixar Animation Studios. The situations herein do not depict any sort of reality, and no harm has been intended in the creation of this piece. This work is purely fictional and done strictly for entertainment purposes. No profit is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.
Notes: Requested by mutane_kurosaki. Also on Tumblr.

I've finally found you!
Tags: character: clint barton, character: merida, character: natasha romanov, fandom: avengers, fandom: disney, rating: g, type: illustration

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